Veils for Brides Wedding Veil Bachelorette Veil Bridal Veil Bride Banquet Party 2 Tier Ribbon Edge with Comb Birthday Dance - B9DYJ8AAQ



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  • 100% Polyester

  • made in china

  • No Closure closure

  • Hand Wash Only

  • VEIL FUNCTION: Wedding veil use high-quality soft tulle,2 Tier ribbon edge veil will come sewn to a comb,when using bridal veils hair comb can be firmed fixed on the hair,So that you can participate in various celebrations.

  • VEIL MAKING AND MATERIALS: Simple veils for brides,Hand made,made of soft tulle,The tulle is very sheer, and Lightness;Tulle fabric material:100% polyester;Comb sewn on the bachelorette veil: Transparent plastic.

  • VEIL HIGHLIGHTS: Bridal veil chic design and well process,Soft and comfortable,Veil for bachelorette party is easy to wear ,Cascading Elegance,easy to collocation,easy to clean for repeated use.The satin edge is a subtle highlight,Make the bachelorette party veil looks super elegance.

  • WEDDING VEIL DESCRIPTION: 2 Tier simple bachelorette veil is made of high-quality soft tulle,and the edges of the bridal veil are treated with white
    edging,Which adds a real sense of refinement to the bridal veils.The length of the first layer of the double wedding veils for brides lvory is: 23.62";
    The length of the second layer is 31.5", and the width (expanded) is: 55.1".Veils for brides net weight: 1.7ounces, Packaging: 11.6x10.5x0.4", Packaging
    weight: 1.76 ounces. a transparent plastic comb is sewn on the bachelorette veil,Easy to wear,Wearing it makes you more charming,Dignified and elegant!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: 1. Because of the difference of camera or light,Wedding veils for brides white color may look a little bit different from the picture;
    2. veil for bachelorette party has a little difference due size to manual measurement;3. Bachelorette party veil quality is good and can be stored for a long
    time.Please avoid contact with water and other liquids;4. The wedding veil must not be machine-washed,Hand rubbed,or twisted.

    CARE VEIL: 1.HANG: Upon receiving your bridal veil,Carefully unfold it and hang from the center of the comb by clipping the comb on a hanger,Using the
    clip.If your wedding is soon approaching,Keep the bridal veils hanging so that the folds, Wrinkles,or creases from shipping may fall out of the material.The
    longer it hangs,The more the wrinkles will naturally fall out.We suggest protecting your veils for brides from dust by placing it inside a protective garment
    bag; 2.STEAM: To soften up the veil after shipping,and for hard to remove wrinkles;bachelorette veil may be steamed with a home steamer or by a professional.
    Steam is the best way to remove wrinkles and soften the veil for bachelorette party !Let the bachelorette party veil completely cool before moving it.

    MEIDEFENG Bride veil bachelorette party bachelorette veil: Wear it to make you more beauty.

    Veils for Brides Wedding Veil Bachelorette Veil Bridal Veil Bride Banquet Party 2 Tier Ribbon Edge with Comb Birthday Dance - B9DYJ8AAQ