Earmuffs for Women Winter Warm Foldable Ear Muffs Winter for Men Ear WarmerBlack - BLE935S8G



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  • Say Good-Bye to Mess Hair and Keep Your Ear Warm: Our earmuffs is the behind head style. We promise this earmuffs WON’T MESS YOUR HAIR. Keeping the ears warm and cold out. Warm, cozy and soft, our earmuffs will you be hot like in summer

  • Nice and Toasty: Our material is extremely soft and lightweight. 100% Acrylic, Ventilation and more warm all day long. Feel free for your ear, no more things on ear except our earmuffs.

  • Good Partner for Your Winter Activities: Perfectly for winter activities! Our earmuffs can company with you in all outdoors activities. You can go Hiking, Walking your dog, camping and ice skating! It will be your good partner in this winter. Durable earmuffs. It can company with you for this winter and next winter even the third winter.

  • Adjustable and Foldable: One size fits most people. Foldable band fits most sizes. Easy carry in your pocket. Don’t worry about no room for it. You can wear it on your ears, saved it in your pocket, hang it on your neck. It is ultra-lightweight. Watch Out, don’t lose it!

  • Our Promise: We promise the quality and make sure you are satisfied! If you are troubled by our products, contact us! We will fix it ASAP.

  • Ultra soft cozy warm earmuffs for your winter

    We used the acrylic as the main material for this earmuffs
    which makes this earmuffs is extremely soft, warm, cozy.

    Best Friends in Winter
    This earmuffs fits in a lot of situations.
    You can use it when you are in the cold office,
    or walking your dog, ice skating with friends.
    Or just walk on the cold street in your own style!

    Unisex Sex Ear Warmers
    Our earmuffs is designed to follow the fashion trend.
    It will wonderfully fits your style.
    Fresh color will fresh your winter looks.
    Easily match your style and your own fashion statement.

    Best Accessory in Winter for you or your friends.
    We use the environment friendly package.
    We also provide the best earmuffs for you and your love.
    Choose the earmuffs as a warm gift for your family or love.
    Protect your ears, Protect your love’s ears.

    Earmuffs for Women Winter Warm Foldable Ear Muffs Winter for Men Ear WarmerBlack - BLE935S8G