AgoKud Earmuffs Bandless Earmuffs Ear Covers for Women & Men - BCK40FDSN



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  • ☀Windproof&Nice look: AgoKud bandless earmuffs are made of wool lining, there are two layers of warm fibers between the wool lining and the out layer to help block the wind from passing through the earmuffs. In cold days, it can wrap your whole ear not only for windproof, but also prevent any inconveniences caused by frozen ears. The biggest difference between this earmuffs design and ordinary earmuffs is to keep you warm while maintaining your nice looking.

  • ☀Exquisite&Easy to wear: There is no band to connect the left and right earmuff, so your appearances and overall looking will not be affected by the earmuffs. And they can provide a comfortable and cozy protection for your ears at the same time. AgoKud earmuffs are also very easy to wear: You only need to buckle the earmuffs upside down on your ears without any other tedious operations. The lightweight design makes this earmuff a perfect accessory for activities in cold weather.

  • ☀Multiple colors+Portable design: AgoKud earmuffs have different colors, black, brown, khaki, leopard print and etc., the different colors bring different feelings to winter mood. Moreover, AgoKud earmuffs are small and foldable, you can fold them up and put them in your pocket or any small space at any time when you are not using them.

  • ☀Soft & Comfortable: The soft furry earmuffs can be closely fitted to the ears once they are put successfully, however there is no tightness feeling. AgoKud earmuffs are free size, please confirm the size of the earmuffs when purchasing.

  • ☀Unobtrusive& Small guard in winter: AgoKud earmuffs does not affect work and study, and can be widely used outdoors or indoors. Because there are no too many ornaments, the simple and comfortable small earmuffs are unobtrusive during daily wear. You can also take this warm small earmuffs as the gifts to your family members and friends, the earmuffs will bring them lasting warm in cold days!

  • AgoKud Earmuffs Bandless Earmuffs Ear Covers for Women & Men - BCK40FDSN