4 Pieces No Buckle Stretch Belt Buckless Belt Invisible Elastic Belt Unisex for Jeans Pants Color 3 - BIWM3TCOD



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  • Note:Minimum use length - maximum use length: 18.9 inches-47.2 inches,buckle-free elastic belt accessory guide: these belts can be matched with any clothes in your closet, which will produce different effects, such as long skirts, jeans, shorts, etc. It can better display the lines of your waist, let your waist look thinner and more charming, and it is an indispensable fashion item for every fashionable girl

  • No buckle belt gift guide: the belt without buckle is unisex, you can give it to anyone you like as long as the size is right, like your lover, or on Mother's Day, Father's Day; Also a sweet birthday present for your special friends or parents

  • No buckles for occasions: these belts are so comfortable and lightweight that you can enjoy everyday activities anytime, anywhere, or you can enjoy rock climbing, hiking, outdoor activities or daily commuting, schools and more

  • Non-fastening quality materials: made of fabric, the leather is not easy to fall off, and the color is not easy to darken; Elastic material is suitable for most people's body, allow you look elegant while comfortable

  • Invisible stretch belt specifications: 4 buttonless stretch belt jeans, 4 colors: black, brown, coffee, dark blue, each color can be matched with different clothes, produce different visual effects, make your legs look more beautiful, you can also share with your friends

  • No buckle elastic belt fashion design:
    With a very beautiful buckle-free design, troubles are reduced; More convenient than an ordinary belt, it won't stand on your stomach and make you feel uncomfortable all day long.

    Light and thin texture:
    Does not appear to be swollen at the waist, so flexible that you don't have to worry about binding your stomach after eating; Sit down to eat or go to the bathroom more conveniently, very soft, won't completely hold your waist.

    Reinforced stitching, very strong and durable, not easy to break, can highlight the lines of your waist.
    Minimum use length - maximum use length:

    No buckle tips:
    Can be machine washed or hand washed.
    Please wash the product with cold water.
    Do not bleach.
    Please stay away from chemicals.

    Package includes:
    4 x Buckle-free elastic belts

    4 Pieces No Buckle Stretch Belt Buckless Belt Invisible Elastic Belt Unisex for Jeans Pants Color 3 - BIWM3TCOD