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Static Website

Why choose a Static Website

Loading speed is higher due to no connection with databases.  Security is more stable.  Lower price to implement and maintain. Easy and quick development.  Perfect for small websites.  If you want to entertain your user, you can add some dynamic elements, for example comments, a search section or a drop-down menu etc.

Faster Speed

Since you are just hosting and serving static files, when a user visits your page, all the web server has to do is return a file. No server-side code is executed. With dynamic websites there is extra processing time required to deliver HTML pages.

More Secure

Since there is no back-end server-side processing, there is less surface area for attacks and there is no database available to be compromised.

Lower Cost

No database means fewer moving parts and less maintenance. Static websites can be hosted relatively cheap.

Easier to Scale

Host your website on a Cloud provider with auto scaling and you are good to go. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to geographically cache your static files and the calls to your web server will be drastically reduced.


Indirectly when using version control such as GIT, you get full control to see who changed which content and when.

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