Ardent Business Consultancy Services
Ardent Business Consultancy Services

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Ardent BCS Interim Management & Business Consulting services are:

Our business consulting services are built around our core competence Interim Management, which has a direct consistency to our other separately offered business consulting services.

Staffing and Recruitment is another essential element to operate efficiently as there is not only a given ever need for key positions resources, but also for the sustainability: the succession by the appointment of permanent staff for interim and temporary managers, consultants and the extension and continuity of management.

And last but not least: Business Transactions. Providing contacts, creating business opportunities and offer business solutions in the field of trade (sales, sourcing, import/export), partnerships, mergers and acquisitions and/or investments & capital, are often an essential aspect of a business consulting assignment.

Interim Management

Business Problem Solvers.  Interim Management is change management and/or situation improvement driven, and are assignments on an executive level.

Temporary Management

Temporary Management is expert / professional driven – we provide temporary senior managers and specialists for following disciplines:

General management, project management, finance, human resources management, logistics / supply chain, manufacturing, purchase / sourcing, engineering, sales / commercial, legal, marketing and communication/PR

Development - Change & Improvement Implementers

Staffing and Recruitment Job Matchmakers

Counselling Boardroom Advisors

Business Transactions - Business Developers, Brokers & Connectors

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