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The leadership at the Afhils Infra Pvt Ltd drives and supports our large network of Diagnostic Centre’s to accomplish our mission to provide compassionate patient care with seamless coordination and to advance technology through unrivaled education, research, and outreach in the many diverse communities we serve. This exceptional team of industry experts brings the vision and management expertise that enables us to continue to grow and challenge convention through our pioneering spirit, scientific advancements, forward-thinking leadership, and collaborative approach to offering exceptional patient care in the many unique communities we serve – while maintaining our national prominence.

People’s Lab is passionate about caring for our patients like they are family, finding new cures, using the finest and the latest technologies, and teaching and inspiring caregivers of tomorrow. We put people at the center of everything we do, because we believe in medicine that puts people first.

Clinical Biochemistry is the area of chemistry that is generally concerned with analysis of bodily fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It deals with the laboratory examination of samples of body tissue or fluids for diagnostic various purposes in medical science. It is therefore very important to have laboratories in all accessible places to arrive at the result of the disease occurred. Having this, the need for these labs have been increasing day by day due to direct increase in the number of patients. 

Also, the range of diseases and their complexity have contributed to the necessity of having a pathology lab. If you wish to start a business which is of high demand and scope, then setting up a Pathology lab or diagnostic center would be the most appropriate one for you.  The central labs will be a Biochemistry and Pathology labs.

From manufacture to logistics to training, our back-end is the spine of our business and is present in all four corners of the Nation.


The mission of People’s Lab is to provide excellent healthcare services in a compassionate and humane manner to the people who live and work all over India through a chain of Diagnostic Centers spread across India.


We constantly strive to excel in developing, achieving and adhering to best practices that result in quality outcomes. We monitor and measure these results ourselves and we also submit data to numerous agencies and organizations that rate and rank various aspects of health care.

We have a robust quality improvement program and are constantly generating new quality initiatives designed to enhance our services and our patient care.

Services / Products

  • Peoples Lab
  • Peoples Diagnostic Centre
  • Peoples Nutrition Corner

What People's Lab will do?

  • Setting of labs and nutrition center
  • People’s Lab will take care of the marketing of the organization across India. This includes direct marketing and digital marketing
  • World class unique software and mobile app to support the operations and billing.
  • Supply of all types of equipment and consumables with a robust supply chain management system in place.
  • Possibly in all selected locations medical camps will be arranges as a social service and improve the visibility of the organization across the communities and geographical boundaries.
  • Support in section and training of the staff to a highly competitive level
  • A full fledges administrative system with all the process and document flow will be implemented at the center
  • Support in all statutory compliance, including registrations and certifications

Contact us

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  • Franchisee agreement

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Biju Soman
Mobile / WhatsApp: +91 9626995444