About us

In today’s global economy businesses are not static but ever evolving. It is no longer out of the reach of the small- and medium-sized business to have activities ongoing in different corners of the world.  We combine strategy, technology, data science and design to solve the most complex business challenges.

Our combined business experience spans several decades of achieving success and understanding failure. Increasing demand, new technology, growing end-markets, improved pricing, low interest rates, favourable exchange rates, rising markets, strong cash flow, solid wealth-creation and booming business prosperity…we’ve experienced it. 

Shrinking demand, obsolescence, contracting end-markets, pricing pressure, rising interest rates, adverse exchange rates, market corrections, negative cash flow and recessions…we’ve experienced it too.  With seasoned experience, we’ll set you up for success and prepare you to weather the next storm. We’ll help you achieve your goals faster by equipping your business for sustainable, profitable, long-term growth.

Our approach is straight-forward. We’ll listen to your concerns, understand your situation and analyse your needs.  We’ll create an efficient plan, perform the work and evaluate the results.  We maintain close communication with you throughout the assignment and follow-up to ensure you’re satisfied.

Our commitment to satisfy the day-to-day business needs of our clients is always first and foremost and reflected so in the exemplary work ethics of our partners and staff. It is our dedication to personalized service that sets us apart from large multi-national firms. Our diverse knowledge and expertise allow us to excel.

Our vision is to  provide authentic an comprehensive end to end business solutions through our wide network in the region and abroad.

Our Mission is to be the most recognized and trustworthy and professionally oriented business expansion service organization in India.

Ardent Business Consultancy Services consists of team of burning passion for creating value for our clients.  We love business and would like to harness its power to ignite and maximize the potential of our clients business.  We breath,  eat, drink, walk, sleep and dream for business only.

Our experience and expertise always aimed at saving time and cost, while ensuring that clients have a long-term sustainable solutions.

First and foremost, we understand the unique needs and constraints of the non-profit and public sectors. We are highly engaged in our fields as speakers, trainers, and consultants; which allows us to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing and communications trends and best practices. Our desired outcome is to help you attain your goals and create a positive impact on your organization, your audience, and society as a whole.

ABCS is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for change management and depth in their respective areas of expertise. Our dedicated employees bring energy, fresh ideas and pride to their work.  We view ABCS’s culture as a competitive advantage and strive to create an environment where smart, motivated and creative people succeed. We think big and work hard. We strive for excellence in everyday interactions. We constantly push to be better.

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